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Our sachet is available as edible grade for food packaging and biodegradable grade for non-food packaging. We provide some standard size with 2 modes of sealing to accommodate our customers’ need, but you can also order at your size or request 3-side sealed or L-shaped sealed, we are happy to make it for you. Some product application are coffee sachet, powder drink sachet, soap bar sachet, bath bomb sachet, shampoo sachet, dent tab sachet, comb sachet, toothbrush sachet, wedding souvenir, tampoon sachet, fruit bag, etc.

Size, mode of sealingQty / packPrice / pack
4 x 4 cm2, 2-side seal1000IDR 520.000
5.5 x 5 cm2, 2-side seal500IDR 320.000
10 x 20 cm2, center seal80IDR 190.000
12 x 25 cm2, center seal60IDR 200.000
15 x 30 cm2, center seal40IDR 190.000
22 x 30 cm2, center seal25IDR 170.000

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