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Biopac is Driven by The Urge to Solve Plastic Problems

11 MMT of plastic leakage into the ocean, entrap the animals or being mistaken as food. Even more, it enter our food chain

As reported by Breaking The Plastic Wave, there was 11 MMT of plastic leakage into the ocean in 2016. 80% of it comes from flexible and multilayer packaging. 11% of leakage has disintegrated into microplastic. If we do not take the action soon, this condition will be worse, even more, there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean.

What are flexible and multilayer packaging?

Some examples of flexible packaging are plastic wrap, bubble wrap, shrink wrap, shopping bag, rice wrap, burger wrap, aluminium foil, and metalized packaging.

Multilayer packaging are packaging that consists of more than 1 layer, it can be flexible or semirigid. Some examples are rice wrap, burger wrap, paper cup, and metalized sachet.

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When the plastic is burnt, its volatile compounds are released to the air, being inhaled by the living things in the surroundings and induce cancer.

According to the research, plastic additives that are used to provide certain functions, such as flame retardant, UV absorber, elastomer, and plasticizer, are volatile. Hence, when the plastic is burnt, those volatile compounds will be released to the air, being inhaled by the living things in the surroundings and induce cancer.


Coastal communities have the right to have good wellbeing.

Based on the survey in South Kuta District, the average net income of a seaweed farmer family is IDR 752.426 – IDR  1.983.268 per 5 are in a one cycle production (45 days).

Therefore, they are unable to access their basic needs and vulnerable to be the victims of human trafficking.

We provide tester package to give you the experience and journey of using our products & explore their application for your products with the vision to ennoble our earth by stop littering.

The product is packed with kraft paper, if you want thicker carton box, please contact us