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Hotel Amenities

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

We provide truly ecofriendly hotel amenities for your hotel and eco-tourism industry: SLS-free products, plastic-free kits and packaging. The soap and shampoo bars are SLS-free, so you can enjoy bathing without polluting wastewater and environment with nondegradable chemicals. The toothbrush is made from bamboo while the comb is from sustainable wood. To brush your teeth, we provide microplastic-free dent tabs.

We provide 2 types of package:

1.ECONOMY PACKAGE. Consists of 1 artisan soap bar wrapped in Biopac sheet, 1 shampoo bar in Biopac sachet, and 2 dent tabs in 1 sachet.

2.COMPLETE PACKAGE. Consists of 1 soap bar in Biopac sachet, 1 shampoo bar in Biopac sachet, 2 dent tabs in 1 sachet, wooden comb in Biopac sachet, bamboo toothbrush in sachet.

If you wish to put 1 dent tab in 1 sachet, you can request.

TypeProducts insideQty (set of package / pack)Price (IDR/pack)
Economy1 artisan soap bar, 1 shampoo bar, 2 dent tabs16IDR 460.000
Complete1 soap bar, 1 shampoo bar, 2 dent tabs, wooden comb, bamboo toothbrush.10IDR 436.000

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