Replace your Plastic Bags with Eco-friendly Drawstring Bags from Biopac

Photo: Biopac

The amount of plastic waste in the world is increasing every day. Plastic is always used because it is durable, light, practical, and cheap. However, from the various advantages, plastic has properties that are difficult to decompose for decades. The accumulation of plastic waste can harm the environment from flooding, soil drought to the threat of marine ecosystems. Imagine if every day we use plastic and use it once, how many piles of plastic waste will there be on our earth.

Environmental problems are enough to attract our attention to move in overcoming these problems. So we also innovate by creating various environmentally friendly packaging. Regarding the use of plastic bags, Biopac provides an environmentally friendly Drawstring Bag. This bag is made from seaweed, which is one of the wealth of natural resources in Indonesia. Because this bag is made of natural material, it will be easily decomposed by microorganisms.

Besides aiming to reduce the presence of plastic waste, we also pay attention to the concept of sustainable living. Therefore we chose seaweed because it is a renewable natural resource, the cultivation process is easy and fast, and it binds CO2 to cope with climate change well. We also use seaweed to have a selling value to help improve the economy of seaweed farmers and empower women who live on the coast to increase their potential.

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