Natural Disasters That Occur on the Coast of Manado Caused by Plastic

Photo: Twitter

The impact of using non-biodegradable packagings, such as single-use packaging and plastic bags, is enormous and increasingly being felt by the public. However, the packaging is still widely used and just thrown away anywhere. Plastics have several characteristics, such as waterproof, flexible, and durable. These properties make plastic difficult to degrade so that it should be reused. The affordable price of plastic makes people consider plastic to be worthless and throw it away carelessly. As a result, plastics will accumulate, pollute the environment, and even cause extreme weather due to global warming.

In January 2021, the coast of Manado hit by floods and the cause is the crashing waves due to extreme weather. The crashing waves brought a lot of garbage, such as plastic and wood waste. From this news, we can know that plastic is polluting the ocean. The plastic waste that pollutes the sea comes from the public (from the mainland), then returns and destroys the land. It is the cause and effect of human actions themselves.

The pile of waste also rendered several restaurants inoperable and some workers were deployed to clean up the trash. How big is the harm caused by plastic waste, not only have an impact on the environment, but also the economic impact on the surrounding community.

Let’s change the habit of using single-use plastics with environmentally friendly packaging, don’t consider plastic to be something worthless, and don’t throw it away carelessly.