About Us

Who we are ?

We are women-led company, consists of 2 women  cofounders whose education background and experiences are complementary each other. Noryawati Mulyono, the director, holds her undergraduate degree from Chemistry ITB and doctoral degree in food science IPB, both are top three universities in Indonesia, with 20 years of experience in food manufacturing company, academic, and entrepreneurship. Her passion to stop plastic pollution, the root cause of flood in Jakarta every rainy season, drives her to transform the research idea into commercial scale. Since 2010, she has done persistent research in bioplastic. All of her research has two main features. The first is using natural resources which is abundant in Indonesia, sustainable and does not pose the risk to famine and drought. The second is the end of life of the product has to be safe for the environment.

Lie Tham Tjhun, the commissary, is the owner of a successful food manufacturing company in Indonesia. Her passion to improve the livelihood of unskilled women who are difficult to get formal job yet have to feed their children, insisted Mrs Lie to build her business. Started in 1984 in a small house-shop, her business expanded to two factory plants and some marketing office to distribute and market her products for local and export. And, she is still consistent to her calling to improve the livelihood of women and their families, by providing cake and dessert making course for free regularly.

Our Vision

“To be the first true biopackaging manufacturer and the leader in the circular packaging story that can extend across packaging variant formats.”

Our Product Value Proposition

User friendly means that it is convenient. As food packaging, it is provided in edible grade, so it is safe to be consumed directly with the food inside, but if you want to dispose it, you can dispose it on land, in the bin, river, sea, or even more in the toilet. It will enrich soil nutrients and promptly dissolved in the water.

Our products are halal and animal-free so it is safe for Muslims and vegans. And, for those who are allergic with certain food, including nuts, seafood, egg, feel free to consume because our products have no allergic risk. Our products are also colorable, printable, heat sealable, and adjustable in thickness.

Our Impacts

Environmental Impact



Social Impact in Coastal Communities



Social Impact in Urban Society